Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Life

Kyle uploaded a live performance of Another Life to his new youtube account, which you can view right above and he left this message about the release of his album: Live performance of "Another Life," the lead-off track on my first solo album. The album will be available for download on May 20th, my 24th Birthday! You can name your price -- including zero dollars. You can pay any amount, or not pay at all. It is your choice. This music means the world to me, and I want you to have it. All the songs can be streamed on my website: http://kylepatrick.bandcamp.com

I hope you like it, and pass along to your friends,


In other news:
Joey pitched a one run game in Hollywood kickball and is now called Joey Wonder.
Joey is also playing jazz music and his left hand is hesitant to join in.
Ben is referring to himself and other dudes as showtay, and insists he is using the word correctly.
Joe is really into the band Farrah.
Ethan is.. quiet.
Eric Dill has signed on as a writer with Denise Rich Songs.

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